North Carolina Guardianship Information

posted: October 31, 2009

The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts offers some helpful information about guardianship law in the state of North Carolina. It is important to note that the Clerk of Superior Court in all 100 counties in North Carolina serves as the judge of probate and cannot practice law or give legal advice. Therefore, you […]

Trick Or Treat- The Result May Depend On Your Estate Plan

posted: October 30, 2009

Great information from fellow North Carolina Wealth Planning, Protection and Management, Advisor Gregory Herman-Giddens on 12 common estate planning mistakes that he sees all too often. I would add one more: I don’t need a will, I want everything to go to my spouse anyway. All too often, I hear the common misconception that if […]

North Carolina Wills: Information From The North Carolina Court System

posted: October 26, 2009

While most people have heard the term “will” used at some point in their lives, it is worth taking a moment to discuss just what exactly a will is, and why it is something worth having. According to the North Carolina Court System Website: “A will is a written document in which you direct who […]

Reviewing Your North Carolina Last Will and Testament

posted: October 21, 2009

Not reviewing your North Carolina Last Will and Testament and or Living Trusts every few years, or at the very least when the IRS makes changes to it Estate Tax law, could result in your estate not being settled pursuant to your original wishes. The Wall Street Journal has a great article that shows how […]

Another Horror Story From the Real World

posted: August 31, 2009

As an attorney who has a passion for helping families put their affairs in order and plan for their families future, I am not a proponent of a “do it yourself” Estate Plan.  The biggest reason is that so many times they fail because of the lack of counseling that an educated, experienced and caring […]

What The North Carolina Bar Thinks About Legal Zoom – It’s Not Good!!

posted: August 25, 2009

It is so tempting to take the easy less expensive way out; we have all done it at one time or another.  However, when having legal documents drawn for use in North Carolina, you will want to think very carefully about doing so with LegalZoom and instead seek the guidance of a well educated, skilled […]

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