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Nervous About Your Estate Planning Appointment?

posted: July 30, 2013

Your first meeting with your Estate Planning attorney can be a little intimidating, especially if it is your first time and you do not know what to expect. At our Firm it is important to us that you know what to expect at every stage of the planning process. It is our goal to eliminate […]

What’s good for the goose MAY NOT be good for the gander

posted: June 12, 2013

So often I hear from clients that they struggled with deciding how to chose an estate planning attorney. Many did not know how to bring up the subject with a friend or what qualifications an estate planning attorney should have.   If you are encountering the same obstacles, a great place to start is to […]

Another Reason Why On-line Document Drafting is Risky

posted: October 5, 2010

When you use an online service to create your documents, it seems very appealing at first. 1.  The cost is ridiculously inexpensive (you do get what you pay for!); 2.  You can create a document 24/7; 3.  No extra fees to pay an attorney to do what seems to be a pretty easy job…just answer […]

How to Prepare for your Initial Estate Planning Meeting

posted: August 9, 2010

One of the more common comments I hear as to why clients have procrastinated calling an attorney to assist them with estate planning is that they were concerned that they had to do too much preparing for the meeting.  There really isn’t much you have to do, especially when you work with our Firm. When […]

What Really Went Wrong with Michael Jackson’s Estate?

posted: August 21, 2009

Without getting into the specific provisions of Michael Jackson’s Will (because that is an entirely other story), the biggest mistake (in my opinion) was that Michael Jackson trusted the wrong people.  Both his attorneys and his financial advisors failed him in advising him and guiding him.  With all the money and assets that he had, […]

10 Items to Consider When Choosing a Guardian for your Child or Children

posted: June 16, 2008

One of the biggest reasons my clients say that they waited to have their Last Will and Testaments drafted is because they did not know who to choose for the guardian of their children. This is not a decision to take lightly. These are your children and the thought of them being raised by someone […]

How to choose an Estate Planning Attorney

posted: May 29, 2008

The best way, in my opinion, to find the right Estate Planning attorney is to get a recommendation from a family member or a friend. If they had a good experience with an Estate Planning attorney they will be more than happy to pass his or her name and number along to you.  You can […]


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