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Not many had these 10 things on their 2014 Resolutions list! You should!

posted: January 9, 2014

Happy New Year!  Now that the champagne has been consumed and the party horns have been put away, it’s time to really begin the New Year.   You may or may not be sticking to those resolutions you made on January 1st, but even if they are a vague memory at this point, I challenge you […]

Why Integrated Wealth Strategy Planning should be something YOU do

posted: November 25, 2013

Planning for affluent families requires a team of experts – typically your Estate Planning attorney, your CPA, your financial advisor, and your insurance professional at a minimum.  Coordinated and integrated planning, through what I call Integrated Wealth Strategies Planning, is the key to accomplishing your goals. The ideal candidates for Integrated Wealth Strategies Planning include […]

15 life changes that signal when your Estate Plan needs review

posted: November 21, 2013

I always tell my clients to never approach Estate Planning as “once and done” or “sign it and forget it”.  Our lives are continuously changing. Family dynamics change, our health changes, our marital status changes, etc. You should make it a practice to have your Estate Plan reviewed every year or two to ensure your […]

It’s great when Clients prove my point!

posted: August 14, 2013

I have always said that Estate Planning is so much more than the creation of documents.  Knowing what your assets are is part of Estate Planning. If you don’t know what assets you have, how are you going to put a proper Estate Plan in place that meets your wishes? This is the main reason […]

Are you really done after you have an Estate Plan?

posted: July 11, 2013

It almost goes without saying that, “The only constant in life is change.”  Yet, most people believe that once they have established their Living Trust or Last Will and Testament and have setup other more advanced estate planning, that they are done.  Unfortunately, this thinking is perpetuated by a lot of estate planners who give […]

How much have you left to chance? It may be more than you think!

posted: July 10, 2013

The reality is…only about 20 percent of the population has a formal written estate plan. Taking the proper measures to put a plan in place today will allow for you to KEEP CONTROL when you may not be able to HAVE CONTROL!  At the very least, the documents listed below should be included in your […]

It is not just any old business…it is your LEGACY!

posted: May 21, 2013

Ernest Becker, the Pulitzer Prize-winning psychologist and author of The Denial of Death wrote, “…what man really fears is not so much extinction, but extinction with insignificance.” Estate Planning is so much more than the distribution of “things” and “money”.  Estate Planning, if you truly look to the underlying motivation of why we even create […]

Think they won’t argue over your Hummels?

posted: May 17, 2013

It is quite often the personal property that causes the most heartache and disruption in families after a death. Although, money doesn’t usually have any sentimental attachment, it can cause issues of its own on an entirely different level. But personal property can have a perceived value far beyond its actual monetary worth. For example, […]

What does a divorce have to do with your Estate Plan?

posted: April 21, 2013

If you already have Advanced Directives (Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Power of Attorney) in place and you are going through a divorce or are recently divorced, you have some very important steps to take NOW! Without a doubt, your divorce will have a major impact on your estate plan. I know…this is […]

The one “thing” that changed my life

posted: April 8, 2013

Good and bad “things” happens every day to every one of us. These “things” are what make us who we are.  How we allow the “things” to affect our lives is what our life ultimately becomes. Zio Giovanni’s death is my “thing” that changed the rest of my life. He had a great sense of […]


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