Keep it simple and clear

If you have a Revocable Living Trust (or a Last Will and Testament for that matter) you need to consider several things. A very short list (very very short list of what you need to consider!)…

1.  what are your asset?

2. what is the value of each asset?

3.  who is to receive your assets at your death?

4.  how are the assets to be divided?

But, you also need to consider how complicated your instructions are. When you die your successor Trustee (or Executor) will need to understand your wishes by reading your language.  If it is too complicated or not written clearly it may turn out that your Trustee cannot make the distribution or makes it incorrectly. Worse yet, if your Executor cannot understand it then more than likely the Clerk of Court will have questions as well…that just complicates things more.

Trying to keep it as simple as you can while  making certain your wishes are followed involves being a little creative at times with the language.  This is where  the assistance of a Charlotte Estate Planning attorney who has experience in Estate Planning becomes invaluable to you.

If you need help in creating a Revocable Living Trust or a Last Will and Testament or you would like a review of your Estate Plan to make certain it expresses your wishes and intent clearly, call our Ballantyne office at (704) 843-1446 and we will be glad to assist you.


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