Uncertainty is the perfect reason to have an Estate Plan

When it comes to Estate Planning timing is everything. Some say it would be wonderful if we each had a crystal ball; this way we would know when we would die and when and if we would get sick. Personally, I think a crystal ball would change our daily lives so drastically that it would hurt us rather than help.

Think about all the insurance that you pay for currently.  If you own a home, you have homeowner’s insurance and maybe even an Umbrella Policy just in case. If you own a car, you have car insurance. And many of us even have life insurance.

Why do we take the time to research, get quotes for the best rates and pay each and every month on all these premium payments?  For the “what if”…plain and simple.

You don’t know that something will happen to your home in the future…but what if?

You don’t know whether you will be in a car accident today, tomorrow or never…but what if?

You don’t know if you are going to out live the term of your life insurance…but what if?

Yet, for a guarantee in life (death), so many do not take the proper steps to plan like they plan for a “what if”.  Estate Planning is just like any other type of insurance. You have it so that your family is protected. The only difference is that it is not to protect them from a “possible” event…it is to protect them  after a “definite” event.

Don’t you owe your family the same protection you owe your home or your car?

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