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“It’s a great day at the law offices of Sabrina Winters. How can we make you smile today?”  This is what you will hear when our team member greets you on the phone.  We know it wasn’t easy for you to make the call; it’s the small unexpected things in life that stay with us.

From our front porch to our entrance to our meeting space…it will feel like home.  We have purposely created our space to help you feel at ease and comfortable…it’s like talking to an old friend over coffee.  I have been in your shoes.  I understand your fears.  I have had the same butterflies in my stomach as you twenty years ago.

We will hold your hand all the way.  It doesn’t matter if you need guidance in getting your wishes in writing so that your family won’t be lost and confused like mine was or if your loved one passed and you are feeling overwhelmed and without direction like we were. 

I believe the only way your Estate Plan will reflect your wishes and goals and address your fears and worries is if I listen.  I listen to hear what you say; I don’t listen to respond. 

I also know the heartache of losing a loved one and how hard it is to handle everything that comes along with it in the days that follow.  It is hard to properly grieve a loss if you are overwhelmed and consumed by “what do I do next”. That’s why we have created very specific and meaningful procedures when we help families settle estate for their loved ones.  We take the burden off your shoulders to allow you your space and time to grieve. 

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Estate Planning

There are many legal strategies involved in estate planning, including wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, and health care documents.

Estate Planning Help

Divorced Women

Did you know that during your separation as well as after your divorce is final, one of the most important steps you must take care of immediately is to have a new estate plan.

Divorce Help for Women

About Sabrina Winters, Esq.

Sabrina Winters, Attorney at Law, PLLC can craft a well-planned Estate Plan that not only incorporates your goals and needs but one that fits into your lifestyle providing you with the peace of mind that your wishes are carried through after you pass. We can also assist families whom have lost a loved one in settling their estate. The Probate process can be time-consuming and cumbersome at times with numerous requirements, filings and deadlines. Sabrina Winters, Attorney at Law, PLLC can take on this burden leaving you the time to care for yourself and your family.

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