Sabrina's Story

estate planning and elder law

Sabrina's Uncle who inspired her to go into Estate Planning

Twenty years ago, my family went through a harrowing experience. My Uncle was very sick and had no healthcare directives in writing. The absence of these documents led to unnecessary suffering, disagreement within the family, and the haunting question of doubt my dad carries with him today. During this challenging period, just as I had graduated from law school, I made a profound decision: to dedicate my career to the practice of Estate Planning and Probate Law. 

My personal experience fuels my ability to connect with clients on a deeply personal level. I’ve walked in their shoes. I know the questions. I empathize with their fears and have witnessed the consequences of not having a written plan. I want to help other families avoid the heartache and sadness my family experienced, My father’s recent hospitalization has thrust me, my mom and my siblings into the role of decision-makers. Still, the clarity of his wishes through his documents and open conversations throughout the years on his personal choices has been precious in preventing family disagreements. I want this protection for all families. 

I’ve intentionally built my law firm to be approachable and comforting. My entire team and I strive daily to bring smiles to our clients’ faces. When clients contact us, they’re greeted with, “It’s a great day at the law offices of Sabrina Winters. How can we make you smile today?”  I understand the difficulty of making that call and having these crucial discussions, and I openly share my experiences to help alleviate my clients’ anxieties. I am committed to nurturing lasting relationships with each client, delivering exceptional client-focused service, and building connections on a personal, not contractual, level. 

While I’ve received numerous awards throughout my career and have witnessed consistent growth in my business, the most meaningful reward for my team is knowing that every time a client finalizes their documents, another family feels the peace my family so longed for when my Uncle was sick. Above all else, this drives our dedication and commitment to the practice of Estate Planning and Probate Law.