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A Candid Interview with Sabrina Winters

If you love a Senior that lives in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, The Shepherd’s Center of Charlotte is a great resource for them.  The Shepherd’s Center  of Charlotte provides a comfortable environment for Seniors to socialize and connect with other Seniors having similar interests as them. They also plan excursions (such as plays and lunches) and classes of all varieties (computer and cooking for example).  You can find out more about the services they provide on their website…The Shepherd’s Center of Charlotte.

The Shepherd’s Center also produced “Solutions for Seniors”; a monthly TV segment on topics of interest to our local Seniors.  Experienced professionals were invited to speak on topics important to our Seniors. Below is the segment that was aired approximately a year ago regarding my perspective on the dangers Seniors face in not having a proper Estate Plan.  Hope you learn at least one thing you didn’t know before watching! Enjoy!

If you have any questions please feel free to call Sabrina Winters at (704) 843-1446 or email me at swinters@sabrinawinterslaw.com

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