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Do not wait to do your Estate Plan – it will devastate your family

Sabrina Winters, Attorney at Law, PLLC

My story is one I tell all my clients. It is a true life example of why waiting can affect your family’s life for years after your death.  My dad is 86, and his brother has been gone for 23 years.  That day seems like yesterday to him because he feels the same pain today that he did the day he watched him die and couldn’t help him pass with dignity.

If you could keep your family safe and protected, you would, right? No matter what you had to do to make that happen. You would never do anything you knew would cause them harm, sadness, or grief.

Then why wouldn’t you take the time TODAY to put your Estate Plan in place?

If you still are questioning the importance, listen to my personal story.  The sadness and grief resulting from my uncle’s lack of planning are real. It was real then and is real today…23 years later.



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