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Do you really need an Elder Law Attorney for Medicaid planning in North Carolina?

Do you need an attorney for even “simple” Medicaid Planning? In most cases, the prudent answer would be “yes.”

The social worker at your mother’s nursing home assigned to assist in preparing a Medicaid application for your mother knows a lot about the program, but maybe not the particular rule that applies in your case or the newest changes in the law. In addition, by the time you’re applying for Medicaid, you may have missed out on significant planning opportunities.

The best bet is to consult with a qualified Charlotte Elder Law Attorney who can advise you on the entire situation. At the very least, the price of the consultation should purchase some peace of mind. And what you learn can mean significant financial savings or better care for you or your loved one. This may involve the use of trusts, transfers of assets, purchase of annuities or increased income and resource allowances for the health spouse.

If you are going to consult with a qualified professional, the sooner the better. If you wait, it may be too late to take some steps available to preserve your assets.

Call Sabrina Winters, a Charlotte, North Carolina Elder Law Attorney at (704) 843-1446 for guidance on options before the Medicaid application or any “giving away” of assets happens.

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