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Fear or no fear, it is going to happen anyway


“Sabrina Winters made the trust planning process extremely easy. She is very responsive and is flexible about meeting times, venues, etc. She and her office are warm, yet professional. She exhibits a vast amount of knowledge about her field and we truly feel that she is acting as our advocate. We are very reassured that our plans have been laid appropriately. While this is not usually a topic people typically want to address, Sabrina was able to remove the stigma and make this process much less inhibiting.”

Speaking with an Estate Planing attorney, too often does not happen in time for many.  Perhaps it is psychological in not wanting to deal with the subject matter of our own mortality.  Or perhaps it is the fear of the unknown.  Maybe even a little bit of both.  Just because you talk about doesn’t mean it will happen!

Your Estate Planning attorney should make it a priority to explain the process to you before you meet for your initial appointment. She should discuss her processes as well as what you should expect to accomplish at your meeting.  If she cannot alleviate your fears how likely will you be comfortable enough to be open and honest?

Knowing what to expect will remove the stigma and make the process much less inhibiting.

If you would like assistance with your North Carolina Estate Plan, we’d love to hear from you.  Call Charlotte Estate Planning Attorney, Sabrina Winters, at (704) 843-1446.


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