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Reflections On The Importance Of Veterans Day

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As the days grow shorter and the nights get colder we anticipate all that comes with changing seasons, particularly the holiday season spent with family and friends.  Our days are busy ones with getting children ready for school, running them to practice, daily errands and keeping a home.  Days inevitably run into each other and some days are simply overlooked.    The day set aside to remember our Veteran’s was originally named Armistice Day.  It was a national holiday meant to honor and recognize American veterans of all wars.  We all should each try to do something different today to make it the important day that it was from the beginning meant to be…and not just like any other day.

You may or may not personally know someone who has risked their life to serve our Country and fight for the rights that we are blessed to have today; it does not matter. As you start your week (maybe with a day off) take time to think about those in your family, community and beyond that serve or have served our country in both war or in peacetime.

Take a moment to reflect on the reality that there will be soldiers who will not be able to see their children this coming Thanksgiving or Christmas because they are somewhere fighting for you.  Think about our Veterans who have to live with the injuries of the wars they fought for you.  Acknowledge how fortunate you may be to be able to spend the holidays with your family and that there are husbands, wives and children that our deceased Veterans leave behind that are not as fortunate and will celebrate without them.

Maybe today as you are at the traffic light heading to the grocery store or to work or to a movie with the kids take a moment to reflect on all the freedoms just in today alone that you have been afforded.  And remember, that it is because of these selfless unbelievable men and women that have enabled us to continue to live our life freely in this great land.

Thank you to all of our Veterans for taking on a fight, which in winning for your Country could also mean a great personal loss to you and your family.  It is a battle not all of us are equipped to fight.

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