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The Human Lawyer Podcast: Sabrina Winters

Source: https://thehuman.lawyer/sabrina-winters/

Today we meet Sabrina Winters, an estate planning attorney in Charlotte, NC, and the person who goes to work with one mission: how can she make her clients smile today? Smiling can be tricky in her work as she helps people plan for the days when they’re no longer on this earth. To Sabrina’s clients, she helps them find their smile through patience, passion, and competence.

Sabrina’s life story is shaped by her gregarious Italian uncle who taught her the importance of having an estate plan, and the challenges of being without one. Sabrina carries his story with her today as she helps her clients develop a plan to exit this world joyfully in a similar celebratory fashion we often associate with one’s birth.

Sabrina is also a soccer mom. A sport she grew up playing and loving. Today we explore the things that matter to Sabrina, and perhaps, whether her perception of death has changed in light of the work she does as an estate planning attorney.

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