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What’s good for the goose MAY NOT be good for the gander

So often I hear from clients that they struggled with deciding how to choose an estate planning attorney. Many did not know how to bring up the subject with a friend or what qualifications an estate planning attorney should have.   If you are encountering the same obstacles, a great place to start is to find out what the clients of that attorney are saying.  Maybe some of what our clients are saying can help you determine what qualities you would like your estate planning attorney to possess.

“Fantastic Estate Attorney!  In seeking an attorney who could advise us on a complicated estate plan, we first sought someone we could trust, be comfortable sharing the intimate details of our family life, and who was knowledgeable and also willing to seek others’ counsel should additional expertise be required. Sabrina was all of these things and more. Caring, flexible, patient, she sought to really understand what we were trying to accomplish. In addition, she is sensitive to all of the elements of family desires whether financial, cultural, generational, religious or just quirky.

We also sought her assistance with my parents’ estate after they moved to North Carolina, and she could not have been more kind, helpful, and thorough. Having worked with a variety of attorneys my entire professional life, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking guidance for wills/trusts, powers of attorney, and end of life documents.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Competent, Concise, Clear and Quick!  Sabrina was referred to us by a trust attorney we used in Detroit. She was very knowledgeable and was very good at explaining all documents and answering our questions. She provided us the necessary information in order for us to make good decisions for our particular situation. We were able to get into see her quickly and get our needed documents. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

High ratings for a Talented Attorney!  Estate planning isn’t a fun subject but Sabrina made it as comfortable as possible. She has excellent communication skills and was willing to go the extra mile to explain so I would understand the complicated process. Sabrina is a very responsive, efficient and organized individual and I am happy to recommend her.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 “Sabrina was absolutely wonderful to work with. Being a single mom I did not want my daughter to worry about anything at the time of my death. Sabrina was able to explain in layman terms all the legal jargon that I did not understand with concerns to my Living Will and Trust accounts. She was very professional.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Sabrina is a great lawyer to work with. My husband & I set up a trust using Sabrina and she was very patient with us. She explained every step of the way in the process and helped us to understand everything & explained it in a non-lawyer way to helps us understand everything. She is very professional & people friendly. We were very comfortable explaining what we wanted and she made sure the final document reflected what we wanted.”

If you have any question before deciding and you would like assistance with your Estate Plan in Charlotte, North Carolina, please call us and ask.  Our number is (704) 843-1446 or your can email Sabrina Winters at swinters@sabrinawinterslaw.com.

(Testimonials provided are from actual clients.  All testimonials were submitted voluntarily and no compensation in any form was provided.)

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