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Award-Winning Lawyer Sabrina Winters Advocates for Estate Planning Awareness

by Victor Williams 

People have misconceptions about estate planning, often thinking it is only for those  who have multiple properties and a high networth and that it isn’t something to “prepare” for. Award-Winning Lawyer Sabrina Winters Advocates for Estate Planning Awareness. As an estate planning attorney, Sabrina Winters wishes to help people have a more accurate understanding of why estate planning isn’t exclusively for anyone in particular but for everyone in particular.  

Italian-born New Yorker Sabrina Winters established her own law firm after going through a heartbreaking event. Always having been interested in the field of law, it took a severe life-changing experience for her to figure out her true calling. Sabrina had just graduated from law school when she and her family were subjected to a horrible tragedy. Her uncle grew gravely ill, and her father could not do anything except watch as her uncle suffered before passing away. This traumatic event left heaviness and regret in their whole family.

Since then, Sabrina has been drawn strongly to helping people recognize the importance of estate planning. Sabrina’s experience prompted her to start her focus on Estate Planning. 

“I knew my clients would never feel as scared, lost, and unguided as my family and I were before and after my uncle’s passing. My law firm would be built with the purpose and intention of breaking all stereotypes and expectations. My goal was to provide an experience for my clients where none   would ever feel our pain, loneliness, and fear,” explained Sabrina.

Although people may go through the mental process of considering their deaths and the additional strain it will leave on their families, Sabrina reaffirms the importance of ensuring that assets, no matter how big or small, are handed down the way the client intended. In this way, they could protect their family’s way of life and interests while eliminating the possibility of causing disputes. Sabrina helps her clients establish an estate plan based on her client’s personal goals, fears and needs. In addition, she drafts documents such as Last Will and Testaments, Revocable Living Trusts, Financial Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Powers of Attorney that reflect the client’s wishes and worries.

Recognized for her endless dedication to her clients and her purpose of providing them with the best plans to secure their family’s future, Sabrina was named one of Mecklenburg Times’ 50 Most Influential Women and is a Charlotte KNOW WOMAN Honoree 2022. As if that’s not impressive enough, her other accomplishments include Business Leaders’ Top 50 Entrepreneurs, LexisNexis’ Top 25 Blogs on Estate Planning and Probate for her blog and a five-star rating on Google and AVVO from her clients and colleagues. 

Sabrina is an accomplished professional woman in business, but achieving this much recognition does not cool her passion at all. In fact, it fuels it even more. She hopes that through her hard work, sincerity, determination and compassion, she will be able to impact the life of every client she helps in a lasting and meaningful way. 

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Victor Williams 

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