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CEO WEEKLY PRESS: Sabrina Winters Introduces an Empathic Approach in the Legal Realm

Sabrina Winters Introduces an Empathic Approach in the Legal Realm

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Sabrina Winters Introduces an Empathic Approach in the Legal Realm

Chloe Jackson by Chloe Jackson 

 May 8, 2023

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Sabrina Winters

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It is not easy to deal with the death of a loved one. It does not only entail managing one’s grief and sadness, but it also includes a myriad of duties that arise the moment that someone dies. This includes taking care of the decedent’s properties upon their passing.

It may sound too overwhelming, but it is a conversation that is considered to be inevitable. For this reason, Sabrina Winters lends her expertise to those who must overcome such a crestfallen endeavor.

As someone who has experienced this kind of grief, Sabrina Winters is intimately familiar with the realities that come with it. When her uncle became very sick and refused to put an estate plan in place, she saw how he suffered until he passed away. Sabrina’s father was present throughout the time he was in the process of dying. From then on, she committed to focusing her legal career to become an estate planning and probate attorney, and to guide her clients with authenticity, sincerity, and empathy – ways in which her family was never treated.

Hailing from Long Island, New York, this first-generation Italian has always had an unparalleled passion for the law. At a young age, Sabrina Winters knew she wanted to work in the legal field. But before she realized that she wanted to focus on estate planning, Sabrina had her eyes set on criminal law. So, armed with a zealous spirit, this determined go-getter went on to finish law school.

Although law school was difficult to overcome for this emerging powerhouse, Sabrina Winters continued to persevere. Shortly after receiving her JD, her uncle died, and that was when she decided to pursue estate planning.

“I saw how bad it was for my father to watch his brother suffer and not be able to make any  decision for him. At that moment, I knew that I wanted to focus on this facet of the law,” explained Sabrina.

Armed with 20 years of experience in helping her community, Sabrina Winters currently runs a law firm fueled by a purpose-driven vision. It significantly capitalizes on providing compassionate solutions while building empathic relationships. As a result, every call is answered with a warm greeting, making every client feel that they are not alone throughout the process. “Every time a client contacts my firm, a call is made during a difficult situation.  Somebody may have died, or someone may have recently received  a terrible diagnosis or they finaly mustered the courage to call and get this off their plate.  Regardless, that caller needs our help,” explained Sabrina. In other words, this compassionate attorney elevates the legal field by prioritizing and enmeshing empathy into her pursuits.

“I knew my clients would never feel as scared, lost, and unguided as my family and I were before and after my uncle’s passing. My law firm would be built with the purpose and intention of breaking all stereotypes and expectations. I purposely focus each day on what I can do better so that my clients don’t have to suffer the pain, loneliness, and fear that my family endured,” explained Sabrina.

Without a doubt, dealing with the death of a loved one is challenging, especially while grieving.  As Sabrina Winters continues to take the reins of a growing law firm, she aims to inspire other legal professionals to prioritize their clients above anything else.

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Charlotte Estate Planner Attorney Sabrina Winters is compassionate and dedicated when assisting her clients in preparation for and in response to difficult life events.

Over the years, Sabrina has empowered her clients by embracing the normal feelings that come with change or loss.  With an extensive background in Estate Planning, working with people handling life and death issues, Sabrina is able to empathetically disrupt the noise and open healthy conversations about life and ultimately one’s wants & needs in death. 

Clients often come to Sabrina after finding themselves in a situation that is outside of their control. Sabrina is able to guide her clients back to a position of stability that allows them to take back control where they can. By being conscientious and making deliberate choices, her clients are confident in making their own decisions, trusting Sabrina will handle the legal requirements needed to implement and enforce THEIR wishes in THEIR own way.  

You can reach Charlotte Estate Planner Attorney Sabrina Winters in a number of ways. 






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