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Do our clients really think that about Sabrina Winters, Attorney at Law, PLLC?

Deciding on the “right” estate planning attorney can be daunting.  What should you be looking for? What should you be asking? Knowing not only the questions to ask at the onset but the reasons why these questions should be asked is priceless when considering the impact Estate Planning documents done properly will have.

Because we have represented many North Carolina clients we understand that sometimes people simply do not know how to select a qualified estate planning attorney.  While in theory any licensed attorney can assist you in setting up a living trust or will or drafting a power of attorney, estate planning is a highly technical area of law that requires multi-disciplinary knowledge of a range of legal practice areas, including probate, wills and trust, tax law, wealth management, health care law, banking law, ERISA, public benefit programs and other specialized areas of legal knowledge.  It is important that you ask your questions before you retain your estate planning attorney.

Personally I think that knowing the experiences past clients have had with their Estate Planning attorney is invaluable to any prospective client. But, our attorney ethics requirements do not allow for us to share our client information with others without their permission. And, I do not expect for you to take my word for it of course!. So, how do you find out?

We thought we would make it easier for you so we asked a few if they would share their comments with us an allow us to share them with you.  Below is a client who came to us to put their Living Trust Plan in place. NO matter who you hire you should check out the 5 Questions to Ask an Estate Planning Attorney.

Estate Planning Testimonials

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