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PRESS: Preparing for the Inevitable with THE AMERICAN REPORTER

 by Jennifer Ross

Read more: PRESS: Preparing for the Inevitable with THE AMERICAN REPORTER

A constant for every life on earth is the certainty and suddenness of death. Because of this unpredictability, many families have been left devastated after the passing of a loved one. This sparked discussions on the eventuality of death as a part of life and how adequate preparation can be made to put a financial safety net in place against such circumstances and secure the economic future of loved ones. To help families prepare adequately for these unforeseen circumstances, Sabrina Winters sets the pace as an estate planning attorney changing the landscape in the legal community. 

Take charge of your future with the help of estate planning attorney Sabrina Winters! With empathy and compassion, she will guide you through the process, empowering you to face the future with confidence and love.

Get motivated to love yourself and plan ahead with Empathy and Compassion!

Estate Planning Attorney Sabrina Winters is here to help you own your journey and prepare for the future -

Don't wait to take this crucial step towards peace of mind and personal security. You may have put others' needs before your own, but not this time. Schedule your appointment now and start loving yourself by planning ahead!

A New York-born first-generation Italian, Sabrina Winters grew up in a tight, “family first” home. From a young age, she knew she would have a career in the legal field, more specifically, criminal law. Fueled by passion, she went on to finish law school, but her career trajectory was redirected almost immediately, after a particularly devastating family event.

Her uncle fell sick, and because he refused to put estate planning in place when he was healthy, she witnessed how he suffered before he died, and Sabrina’s father was there for every harrowing moment. “I saw how bad it was for my father to watch his brother suffer and not be able to make the right decision for him. At that moment, I wanted to focus on this facet of the law,” Sabrina shared. 

With this, she made the decision to become an estate planning attorney. “My law firm would be built with the purpose and intention of breaking all stereotypes and expectations. So none of my clients would ever feel our pain, loneliness, and fear,” explained Sabrina.

Armed with a purpose-driven vision, Sabrina Winters helps her clients prepare adequately for the harsh realities of death by creating well-thought-out legal documents and estate plans that reflect their goals, wishes, and fears. Some of the legal documents her firm puts in place include Last Will and Testaments, Financial Powers of Attorney, Revocable Living Trusts, and Health Care Powers of Attorney. 

One outstanding attribute of Sabrina’s practice is her team’s sincere, authentic, and empathetic character. Whether on the phone or in person, clients are met with warm greetings, compassion, and exceptional first-class service, making the subject and process less daunting.  

“We will help you and hold your hand all the way. It does not matter if you need guidance in getting your wishes in writing, so your family won’t be lost like mine was, or if you are feeling overwhelmed and without direction like we were after your loved one passed,” says Sabrina. 

Handling grief while confronting a challenging situation or dealing with the death of a loved one is no easy task. Still, Sabrina Winters aims to continue providing exceptional service to her clients, prioritizing their needs above all else through her firm. 

Charlotte Estate Planner Attorney Sabrina Winters is compassionate and dedicated when assisting her clients in preparation for and in response to difficult life events.

Over the years, Sabrina has empowered her clients by embracing the normal feelings that come with change or loss.  With an extensive background in Estate Planning, working with people handling life and death issues, Sabrina is able to empathetically disrupt the noise and open healthy conversations about life and ultimately one’s wants & needs in death. 

Clients often come to Sabrina after finding themselves in a situation that is outside of their control. Sabrina is able to guide her clients back to a position of stability that allows them to take back control where they can. By being conscientious and making deliberate choices, her clients are confident in making their own decisions, trusting Sabrina will handle the legal requirements needed to implement and enforce THEIR wishes in THEIR own way.  

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