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Reviewing Your Will

If you’ve taken the time to create a Will, you’ve done so because you love the people closest to you who will be here when you’re gone. Even if some time has passed since you’ve created that Will, your love has not changed, but very likely a lot of other important things have.  Taking the time to review your will periodically is a way to ensure that that act of love hits the mark.

Let’s look at some things that may have changed since you created your Will.  Any one of these would be a good reason to sit down with your attorney and go through your Will to make sure your assets are accurately passed along and distributed according to your wishes.

Favorite Charities
As time passes, perspectives change and new organizations come to our attention that we’d like to help.  If a particular charitable organization has recently captured your heart, you may consider updating your Will to reflect your desire to see this good cause succeed even after you’re gone.

Family Changes
In the best of times, families grow by marriage or by birth and it would be a good idea to make sure your Will reflects the nuances of those changes. Taking time to re-articulate or make any alterations to the “who” and “how much” is an important thing to review as your family grows.

In the hardest of times, we lose family members through divorce or death. Especially if you have lost your spouse, you’ll want to take time to read through your Will in it’s entirety to see how this loss affects everything.  When you created your Will, you likely had a backup plan in case you outlived your spouse, but actually living through it can give you a new perspective.  In addition, if any other family member has now passed, you’ll want to remove them from your will.

Financial Changes
As you age, so too have your extended family members.  Should one of them leave you an unexpected inheritance after they are deceased, do you have a plan for where the assets should go?

To make sure your Will is current and covers your specific needs email Attorney Sabrina Winters today or call her at (704) 843-1446.

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