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How Can An Accredited VA Attorney Help Me?

How can an accredited VA attorney help you with VA pension planning? The simplest answer is — they can get you more of the benefits you are entitled to receive.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is known for being incredibly complicated and confusing. Even their own employees have a difficult time finding which way is up when it comes to all of the requirements and nuances of the program.  Applying for benefits on your own (or with an insufficiently trained advisor) can be a cumbersome, frustrating process.

Enlisting the help of an experienced and qualified accredited VA attorney should be the first step you take. VA planning attorneys have the depth and breadth of knowledge needed to provide a comprehensive approach to your application, protecting you and your family in addition to your assets.

This breadth of knowledge includes being up-to-date on all things regarding trust laws, estate and gift tax implications, and IRA rules and regulations. A VA accredited attorney can help you know the implications of transferring assets, what asset requirements are for creating a trust, prepare estate documents, and Medicaid compliant caregiver agreements.

In addition, if your application has been denied, your VA accredited attorney should know just what to do in order to help you file an appeal.  The VA will take the time they take regardless of who files the application, but filing with the advocacy of a skilled attorney ensures you have leveraged every advantage you can to get it done right.

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