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Society pushes every day for faster results and quicker responses in our “make-it-happen-now” world. Fewer and fewer people fail to truly recognize the value of important planning tools available to them to help avoid a crisis in the future. High net worth individuals and couples must understand the value in enlisting the help of an experienced estate planner to reap the benefits of a comprehensive revocable trust plan. A sophisticated plan must be developed to properly address property distribution, asset preservation, estate taxes, retirement and charitable giving, planning for children and possible incapacity in the future.

At Sabrina Winters’ law office, our team can offer clarity and guidance through this complex legal area. Charlotte residents can find peace of mind in knowing they have an estate plan for their future and the future of their family.

When significant wealth is involved in the preparation of a trust, we don’t use a “fill in the blank” form. It is so important that  a multi-level approach be used to conform to your specific needs and wishes. Long-term care, tax planning and protection must be weighed with the distribution of all assets to ensure the best interests of all involved. Personal goals will be met through the significant planning of a detailed well thought out estate plan with Sabrina Winters’ guidance.

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The value is in the experience and personal attention that our Charlotte firm provides to each of our Clients. We take the time to discuss your wishes in detail to ensure your personal choices and decisions are reflected and will be carried through in the future.

Contact our firm today at (704) 843-1446 or email us to schedule your initial consultation. Your peace of mind matters to us.

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