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How Did Olivia Newton-John Plan Her Estate?

After Olivia Newton-John was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, she began selling off parts of her impressive real estate portfolio which spanned multiple countries, with all of the proceeds going toward her charities.

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Can My Co-Executor Sister Abide by Father’s Will?

My father left his house to me and my sister. However, 75% is supposed to be for me and 25% for her. Because she feels that was unfair, she’s fighting with me about selling the house. An example of the estate planning issue of treating heirs equally rather than equitably.

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Elder Care

Issues of Elder Law

Issues of Elder Law – Understanding the Issues of Elder Law,   Sabrina will guide you on the legal and financial aspects of the next stage of your life or the life of a loved one.   

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Estate Planning

This Arcane Law Could VOID Property Rights

Property law can be complex and arcane, even for lawyers and judges. The rule against perpetuities is an example of how older property laws can influence how families transfer and inherit property rights. Arcane Law Could VOID Property Rights

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